Deer Isle:

General Rules

-Store your vehicles in a garage when they are not in use. Any vehicles left out of the virtual garage will despawn after a set period or they will be deleted by admin.

-A player can own as many vehicles as the garage allows them to store properly when they log off. 

-Do not leave cars out at trader when you log off, there is a public garage there for players to use.

-No stealing from players in Safezone Traders.

-No combat logging

-No loot cycling

-English only in global/general chat

-No hacking/cheating/exploiting

-No use of alternate accounts

-Any behavior deemed toxic or not in the best interest of the community will result first in a temporary ban and a permanent ban for repeat offenders.


-PVP Zones are active Sunday-Friday

-Saturday from 12 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST the PVP Zone expands to the whole map for Raid Day.

-No killing outside the PVP Zones, doing so will see you marked as a murderer on the map with a bounty for other players to collect. 

-Farming bounties or collecting friends/teammates bounties is not allowed.

Base Building Rules

-No building within 500m of a military or trader zone

-No tower bases, (3) floors MAX

-No unraidable bases, all bases must be raidable by foot.

-No blocking roads or denying access to water wells

-Maximum of (5) code locked doors plus (10) additional code locks (for storage, tents etc) per base

-Flagpole is required to build a base, it has a 40m building radius. Only one flag allowed per group, larger groups can purchase a group upgrade that allows them a second Flag Pole. 

-Placing tents or other objects with the intent of preventing access to your base is NOT permitted.

Base Raiding Rules(this only applies to active bases, abandoned bases are fair game)

-Raiding is only permitted on Saturdays, 24 hours, from 12:00 am EST to 11:59 pm EST (00:00 - 23:59 EST). 

-You are not allowed to take over another person’s base

-No boosting, glitching or otherwise exploiting game mechanics to gain access to a base.

-For a base to be considered abandoned the flagpole must be completly despawned. The base will either be opened by admins (at our discretion) or after the flagpole is despawned players will be able to destroy the base (This is a new feature being tested)


Rules currently being re-written